Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rjd2 spotted giving the drummer some

Cuz the drummer hasn't had any for a LOOONG time.

this guy needs to be my new boyfriend. Seriously. Check this video out. It makes me heart happy.

Meanwhile, Rjd2 is underground enough where he may think me lame for going off on a video that was release a while ago, and is therefore now officially OLD. but whatever. After looking at other vids of his, I saw a trend toward him opting for truly boundary pushing effects and intelligent messages. So i fell more in love with him cuz it's tough to find a hip-hop type that has a brain for more than bitches and money these days. 

Rjd2's body of work up until recently, was the kind of hip-hop that creates an image in your head of past moments in history and pulled from various genres. That stuff was put out while he was on Definitive Jux. Now, apparently, he's gone off into some CRAZY ass direction with his new label, XL Recordings, and is singing and playing instruments.

I love this fucker more. He's insane. He's a mad scientist. And Pitchfork panned the shit out of it. Which makes me definitely want to go out and sing it's praises.

The underdog needs love. Listen and holla. 

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