Tuesday, January 22, 2008

st-st-stu-stuttering and the future of music in ads

so i gotta admit that I actually fell in love with a song (a freaking pop song no less) that I heard on a TV commercial recently. Yeah you know it. There's a tripped out animated frog and the lyrics are, "it's been, it's been, such a, such a long time since anybody's touched me, the way that you touch me....so kiss me again. cuz only you can stop this st-st-stu-stutterin..."

yeah that one. If you don't know it, Watch it now.

I'm not stoked about it, but it's true. The product = Dentyne Ice. The song is caled "Stuttering" and the artist is called Ben's Brother. I downloaded the song  because i liked it on the commerical. This is freakish for me. I'm a music snob in a huge way. I mean, I'd never go and introduce myself as such cuz it's pretentious and annoying to actually identify as a music snob. But the truth is I obsess about music fanatically, have a music collection that's better than yours (oh SNAP!)  and really despise all the mainstream shit they shove down our throats. Even indie music is sucking large matzo balls lately. but this little sentimental pop song played over an ad made we want to buy the whole song. You can check it for your own damn self, and feel free to start ripping on me immediately. Note to all: the whole song is so not as snappy as the :30. 

Anyway, this is supposed to just be an opening for me to wax philosophic about the future on music for ads. cuz it's gonna get crazy kiddies. Music Houses and the use of Big Name artists for ads will (hopefully?) probably become obsolete as bedroom composers and nerdy elecro homies kick out the jamz for companies/collectives offering tasty profit-sharing deals on product sales or click through rates for online ads.

Let me go off and research this more and see you on the flip, yo.

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