Sunday, January 20, 2008

this is the newest version of branded entertainment for the kiddies. Little skits are written to sell the product (a fairly bland bunch of "hip" fashion, music, tech stuffs). You can get a little demo before buying, send to friends and chat with other like-minded shoppers. I guess it's got transparency going for it --it's def not trying to hide the fact that it's selling something. But not much else yet. It's still Beta. Needs to fix a lot before it goes launch for realz.

The most disturbing thing?
I didn't even bat an eye when i came upon it. Reminds me of VBS which is also blatant about ripping off subculture to sell shit.

argh. we are pretty gross. i mean, as a population. let's all groan aloud: "ugh, we SUCK!"

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