Sunday, January 20, 2008

what makes a scene pure and vibrant?

this is a question b/c  I'm truly unsure and would love to get someone to answer this question. Growing up in Detroit, when people went dancing, they fucking danced. They got sweaty and gross and into the groove and weren't looking at eachother to see what they were wearing. And it was a scene. Another authentic and pure scene i kicked it with was punk/post-punk and these peeps were just as in the moment and disinterested in pretense as the electronic mofos. Now all I see are people standing on the wall. That is not helping the spirit of celebration and letting go, kiddies. Get into it. So this leads me to wonder if the decrease in letting loose is a generational thing or a drug thing? I'd be lying if I didn't point out the rampant drug use in the electro and punk (these kids weren't straight-edging to say the least), but they were definitely tres cathartic as well. What does it take? I'm trying to figure it out. I'd love to create a safe environment for people to let loose in. I'll post pics from supposedly "happening" joints in the near future. Don't snore while you check em out. UGH!

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