Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rjd2 spotted giving the drummer some

Cuz the drummer hasn't had any for a LOOONG time.

this guy needs to be my new boyfriend. Seriously. Check this video out. It makes me heart happy.

Meanwhile, Rjd2 is underground enough where he may think me lame for going off on a video that was release a while ago, and is therefore now officially OLD. but whatever. After looking at other vids of his, I saw a trend toward him opting for truly boundary pushing effects and intelligent messages. So i fell more in love with him cuz it's tough to find a hip-hop type that has a brain for more than bitches and money these days. 

Rjd2's body of work up until recently, was the kind of hip-hop that creates an image in your head of past moments in history and pulled from various genres. That stuff was put out while he was on Definitive Jux. Now, apparently, he's gone off into some CRAZY ass direction with his new label, XL Recordings, and is singing and playing instruments.

I love this fucker more. He's insane. He's a mad scientist. And Pitchfork panned the shit out of it. Which makes me definitely want to go out and sing it's praises.

The underdog needs love. Listen and holla. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

st-st-stu-stuttering and the future of music in ads

so i gotta admit that I actually fell in love with a song (a freaking pop song no less) that I heard on a TV commercial recently. Yeah you know it. There's a tripped out animated frog and the lyrics are, "it's been, it's been, such a, such a long time since anybody's touched me, the way that you touch kiss me again. cuz only you can stop this st-st-stu-stutterin..."

yeah that one. If you don't know it, Watch it now.

I'm not stoked about it, but it's true. The product = Dentyne Ice. The song is caled "Stuttering" and the artist is called Ben's Brother. I downloaded the song  because i liked it on the commerical. This is freakish for me. I'm a music snob in a huge way. I mean, I'd never go and introduce myself as such cuz it's pretentious and annoying to actually identify as a music snob. But the truth is I obsess about music fanatically, have a music collection that's better than yours (oh SNAP!)  and really despise all the mainstream shit they shove down our throats. Even indie music is sucking large matzo balls lately. but this little sentimental pop song played over an ad made we want to buy the whole song. You can check it for your own damn self, and feel free to start ripping on me immediately. Note to all: the whole song is so not as snappy as the :30. 

Anyway, this is supposed to just be an opening for me to wax philosophic about the future on music for ads. cuz it's gonna get crazy kiddies. Music Houses and the use of Big Name artists for ads will (hopefully?) probably become obsolete as bedroom composers and nerdy elecro homies kick out the jamz for companies/collectives offering tasty profit-sharing deals on product sales or click through rates for online ads.

Let me go off and research this more and see you on the flip, yo.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

this is the newest version of branded entertainment for the kiddies. Little skits are written to sell the product (a fairly bland bunch of "hip" fashion, music, tech stuffs). You can get a little demo before buying, send to friends and chat with other like-minded shoppers. I guess it's got transparency going for it --it's def not trying to hide the fact that it's selling something. But not much else yet. It's still Beta. Needs to fix a lot before it goes launch for realz.

The most disturbing thing?
I didn't even bat an eye when i came upon it. Reminds me of VBS which is also blatant about ripping off subculture to sell shit.

argh. we are pretty gross. i mean, as a population. let's all groan aloud: "ugh, we SUCK!"

what makes a scene pure and vibrant?

this is a question b/c  I'm truly unsure and would love to get someone to answer this question. Growing up in Detroit, when people went dancing, they fucking danced. They got sweaty and gross and into the groove and weren't looking at eachother to see what they were wearing. And it was a scene. Another authentic and pure scene i kicked it with was punk/post-punk and these peeps were just as in the moment and disinterested in pretense as the electronic mofos. Now all I see are people standing on the wall. That is not helping the spirit of celebration and letting go, kiddies. Get into it. So this leads me to wonder if the decrease in letting loose is a generational thing or a drug thing? I'd be lying if I didn't point out the rampant drug use in the electro and punk (these kids weren't straight-edging to say the least), but they were definitely tres cathartic as well. What does it take? I'm trying to figure it out. I'd love to create a safe environment for people to let loose in. I'll post pics from supposedly "happening" joints in the near future. Don't snore while you check em out. UGH!