Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nit-picky updates to BitTorrent post

So in an earlier post I gave tips for downloading TV shows online. A brilliant and and anal-retentive friend of mine wrote me today with some edits. I'm indulging him here with the updates. So the basic essence of the whole process is the same. But here goes the remix, major updates are bolded:

If you ARE interested in downloading from the BitTorrent network, here are a few tips for mac users. First you'll need a cross-platform client like Transmission (for macs.). You can download Transmission here.

Then you can get a BitTorrent account and start searching for what you feel like watching. I just downloaded some of 30 Rock, for instance. As an aside, I also highly recommend Dexter and, of course, The Wire.

You can also search tracker sites to find torrents to download. Two good ones are and When you've found what you want, download to your desktop or downloads folder or whatevs, but remember to trash your old icons and folders because they'll take up a lot of space. The torrents can come in any kind of package. Mine came as a rar file, which was odd. So I had to get unrar to decompress those files. You may have to take similar steps, but for the most part they will be avi files. You'll also need the open-source codecs to watch the viddys with. This is easy, you can get them all by downloading Perian. And that's it really. At that point, you should have everything you need to start watching for free. I don't even have a TV anymore. I just watch everything on my computer.

NOTE: I wish there were a "Redo" button on life sometimes.

The End.