Thursday, January 15, 2009

ePR....The NEXT frontier

So you know I've been OVER straight-ahead marketing for a while now. Doesn't mean I won't do it for the right company ( listening?! I know you just got Intel!!!) But I like the new frontier of PR, forged by insightful people like Chris Abraham. It's all about going beyond the usual PR methods. Blogger outreach and fearless social networking are just the beginning when it comes to Next Gen PR and marketing. Getting a the word out for a brand can come quicker in the package of a 2-sentence tweet as it can from old school PR techniques. More on this to come from me. For now, click read more to get a little background info.

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Rufus Xevious said...

Hey Jeannie,

have you heard of these guys ( I've been told they are doing a lot in building software platforms for social media. I think they employ content as well. They also have a list of partners on their website that might be worth targeting.

Boni (aka Rufus Xevious)