Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coming Clean, Going Legit, etc.

This is an addendum to my "All I got for Christmas" blog. I was surprised by how many people have actually expressed concern for me.

Wow. You really do like me! (Yeah, I did a Sally Field thing there....ha ha)

But I should tell you that I thrive in the face of chaos. So I'm really kind of pumped. Plus, I exaggerated the knee thing. Went to the doc this AM, it's a dislocated patella. Which, if you've ever met me, you know ain't no thang to me. I've done this like 5 times before. It's a breeze. Just a couple of weeks away from clowning chumps on the dance floor, and voila! I'll be all mobile again.

I also should say that I am ACTIVELY looking for a job now. My plan is to network like mad. Please let me know of ANY networking meetups, job openings, or pathetic saps you know of that could help me (or that I could entrap and suck the life/money out of.)

The personal life hoo-ha I'm keeping on the DL for now until something noteworthy happens. In the meantime know this: I BELIEVE IN LOVE, PEOPLE. Clap your hands if you believe too!!! You too, Tinkerbell.

LOVE will rule in 09. If we let it....

Happy New Year.


prema said...

Okay sounds good!!!

prema said...

Okay sounds good!!!