Friday, April 10, 2009

Where have I been all your life?!

I've been running around town lately doing Biz Dev for flavorpill, and therefore am neglecting you poor sweet readers. I'm sure you're all in a deep state of confusion about this and may have neglect issues creeping in. So let me just say hello to all. Hope the economy isn't breaking you, as it is downsizing me tremendously.  

Maybe that's the point. Maybe as Americans it's time to actually PAY ATTENTION to what and how you're spending and get a little bit more realistic about budgets and the value of a dollar. 

Personally, I'm looking at this time period (for about 3 months now, and prob for about another 7) as an opportunity for self improvement. If you have downtime too, think about what skills you want to learn and maybe even pick up a hobby. 

You could turn the economy's crap-tastic state into a personal development period. Maybe even start right now. A friend forward me the link to, a twitter like site just for posting and sharing creative projects. Got something to share? Put yourself out there. You never know what cool connection you may make just by posting a link.

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James M. Biggie said...

Personally (and probably off topic) I think that the dollar could do with a bit of a makeover. That'd make me value it more.

Give it the whole Van Susteren. Lose the archaic Masonic symbolism, and maybe add in some pictures of George Washington fist fighting a crocodile.

That'd be sweet.