Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pluto says peace out to Sag, Moves to Capricorn

I've always had a strong sensitivity to changing energies, and will adjust my behavior and attitudes to be more in sync with an emerging zeitgeist before most people even realize that there is transformation in the air.

It seems that there must be some changes afoot, because I lately I feel the need to get as self-sufficient as possible in order to maintain control over myself in the face of these changes. I'm compelled to do this mainly out of survival skills. It just feels necessary. Many habits I see in myself and others seemed repulsive suddenly, and I'm not sure why. Although my intuition tells me this "batten down the hatches" moment is based a lot on financial crises and the current state of the economy.

Here's an interesting astrological blurb addressing this time period. It was written last year by Vivian Weaver, as a prediction on how Pluto's move into Capricorn will affect us. Pluto left Sagittarius for Capicorn yesterday, where it will stay until 2023. I feel like my recent desires to prepare for a new more serious and efficient way of living may have something to do with it. You decide. Here's the prediction from Vivian Weaver:

"It is a habit of Pluto to exaggerate the negative until we are forced beyond our lethargy to resolve issues. In these first few years (of Pluto in Capricorn) Big Business will become the ruler of the globe and governments merely puppets. General economic fear will likely create an atmosphere in which we, the people, will voluntarily give up our personal rights to achieve order. The process is one of erosion..." "We need to do what we can to stem the tide of Big Business tyranny over the next decade. Get out of debt. Change your lifestyle and take good care of your health. Become as independent as reasonably possible from institutions and corporations. Take any steps, however small they seem, to preserve your independence and self-sufficiency. None of us is immune to the zeitgeist of the time in which we live, but we can stay awake and adopt behavior that reinforces our personal freedom."

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The Good Dr. said...

Right on! my credo for years has been D.I.Y. Stay independent. Or my punk rock upbringing. That's why I guess I'm still freelancing. Staying out of the BS of corporate work. Set my schedule and fee. And move on. You can only count on yourself (and family.) As Joe Strummer said, "stay free."